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quick spring snacks

sharing six of the best quick spring snacks from savory to sweetWith a few years of blogging under my belt, I have a fair share of tried + true recipes in the archives. Every so often I like to browse the old posts and revisit some of my favorites. So today I’ve pulled together six of the best quick spring snacks that cover any cravings from savory to sweet. Out of them all, the sweet potato fries are most-made in our house. But, once the ‘no alcohol’ rule runs out, I’m diving into a plate of boozy chocolate figs.

Feel free to share your top recipes with me because I’m always looking to have some adventure in the kitchen. xx

one: coconut cashew date rolls

two: vanilla hazelnut biscotti

three: sweet potato steak fries

four: parmesan rosemary roasted chickpeas

five: homemade rosemary + thyme cheez-its

six: dark chocolate figs marnier

tell all

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