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When I got pregnant in the late summer of 2016, it slowly dawned on me that I needed to be more conscious of not only what went into my body but also what went onto it. After a carb-loading first trimester, my focus shifted to the health of this other little being who already depended on me. I began looking into cleaning products that didn’t have harmful fumes, skincare with natural ingredients, and hair care that promised strength without damaging elements.

In doing a lot of trial-and-error research, I was stumped. There didn’t seem to be a balance of effectiveness and wellbeing. I’d find product lines that touted organic ingredients yet accomplished nothing. Or, I’d ‘discover’ a brand I thought was devoted to pure components and later find out that was too good to be true.

Here’s where Beautycounter enters the scene. It wasn’t until a number of people in my life kept mentioning it or having it in their homes that I started to take note. This company makes body, hair, skincare, and makeup products that are truly toxin free. They’ve gone above and beyond industry standards to ensure clean beauty is their constant.

So I am ecstatic with their mission and how it aligns to my pursuit of a conscious lifestyle. And the natural outflow of that excitement has led me to want to share this company with others. At no point did I expect to take on a new aspect of business. Yet I was surprised at how this feels like such a logical addition to the one brass fox brand. I am passionate about educating others as well as introducing clean products into their hands + homes.

If you have any questions about the products, want to learn more, or you have an interest in joining my team, feel free to email me. You can also shop my personal website at beautycounter.com/lesliemusser.


If you’re curious to know more about joining Beautycounter, I’d love to connect and explore what it looks like to start your own business or have you as a member on my team!

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