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Sitting Room Decor Inspiration - one brass fox

As I mentioned in my first post of the year, we are working on some home remodeling. So today marks the start in my series of home decor posts. Per the advice of my restaurateur sister, I’m approaching it one room at a time. When we first moved into the space, I wasn’t very focused. I kept buying little mismatched items that, individually I loved, but altogether didn’t create cohesion. This time around I want to be deliberate with each purchase and develop a sense of atmosphere. First up is the inspiration behind our sitting room decor. We’re wanting to balance modern with vintage and fashion an inviting space for entertaining guests. It will ultimately be a slightly more formal space than where we’ll have the TV. So all the pieces shown here fit the bill of what we love (although we might opt for real vintage instead of purchasing them all from these sites).

Since we’re still in the process of all this, if you have favorite destinations for furniture + decor leave them in the comments below. We’d love your suggestions.

one: set the tone with modern-meets-oriental rug of rich blue + burgundy hues

two: pull in accents of brass like oversized mirrors

three: channel a touch of mod with rounded armchairs

four: contrast dark colors with moroccan style wedding pillows for the couch

five: choose a couch that emphasizes a more masculine, comfortable environment

six: bring height + functionality with a multi-purpose hutch in matching wood finish

seven: balance the masculinity of the couch with a feminine lumbar pillow

eight: cozy up the vibe with an understated ombre blanket

nine: complement the rug colors with similarly toned artwork in a simplistic frame

ten: use a coffee table to create the room’s focal point

eleven: finish with traditional touches like a marble + brass table lamp

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