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styling throw pillows – springtime interior design

When it comes to interior design, styling throw pillows may be my biggest challenge. Even though I tell myself it’s one of the least permanent changes to make, the length of time it takes me to decide is almost embarrassing. I also have trouble shopping online because I like to envision everything, feel textures, and play around with pairings. So, for my own sake and hopefully to be of help to you, I put together this post. After scouring two of my favorite throw pillow destinations (here + here), I landed on a few stellar combinations following some basic principles.

vary texture

In the above pillow sets, you can see that each combination has at least one texture. Whether that’s fringe, embroidery, or fuzzy fabric, they add warmth to the space. It also breaks up the visual busyness of print-on-print. So, if we’re talking in sets of three, have a minimum of one texture and a maximum of two. That’s the balance of champions, right there.

size matters

Our living room couch is medium-sized. It fits the space perfectly but doesn’t lend itself to being over-crammed with pillows. So I’ve landed on the best/most feasible combo: two big + one lumbar. For each individual space, this may require trial and error. But regardless of the final outcome, keep all your options open: big, little, square, rectangular, etc.

ditch the match

This may be partly a personal preference, but I do feel strongly about it: don’t match pillows to the point of boredom. If you’re going to go for a set of prints, throw in at least one varying size or texture. That small bit of contrast will make a lovely statement piece that highlights your own design personality.

mind the season

If you get the itch to overhaul your entire living room on a regular basis, try the pillow approach first. Throw in fun prints that feel seasonally appropriate (i.e. the adorable watermelon above for summer). This will give you maximum impact for minimum spending. Plus, it can be a conversation piece with your guests.

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