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friday finds 05 05 17On Monday I flipped our kitchen calendar from April to May. And to see it, right there in front of me, the month when baby boy is due was surreal (also, moderately terrifying). But I channeled that into motivation for straightening up the house, switching out my closet from winter to spring, and deciding on last bits of design before our home tour photo shoot. I hope you enjoy a beautiful weekend (and get some inspiration from these six stellar links).

one: this gorgeous slideshow of Magnolia Market silos in springtime

two: how one woman created a dress worth wearing 30 days in a row

three: the most ridiculously enticing hazelnut + toasted marshmallow cream puff

four: an awesomely honest commentary on avant-garde fashion from Met Gala 2017

five: how to put a pantry detox into play for clutter-free living

six: the perfectly pink white wine grapefruit spritzer recipe to usher in summer

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