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diy instax photo gallery frame

DIY instax photo gallery frame-16At my baby shower a few weeks back we had each guest decorate a onesie for our nugget. It was wildly entertaining to watch everyone put their own spin and character into the project. And, at the end, I wanted to make sure we had a permanent record of who made which one. That way, I can send pictures of him wearing them in the months to come. So we snapped a quick Instax (a.k.a. mini polaroid) of every attendee holding their onesie. Not wanting all those images to be lost in new baby chaos, I created this diy instax photo gallery frame. The result was sleek, looks professionally done (if I do say so myself) and already brings about many fond memories. I have no doubt that there’ll be more of these frames in my future. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create your own.


  • Instax photos
  • poster sized cardstock paper
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • measuring tape/yardstick
  • double-sided foam mounting squares
  • shadow box style frame


  1. Decide on number of Instax photos to be included (this will help you figure out frame size)
  2. Cut cardstock to chosen size
  3. Do a practice layout with the images to decide spacing
  4. Use a yardstick/measuring tape to mark out the exact picture placement
  5. Place one foam square on each chosen spot
  6. Adhere each Instax photo to the other side of the foam squares
  7. Once all images are attached, place in a shadow box style frame and display

DIY instax photo gallery frame-2 DIY instax photo gallery frame-3 DIY instax photo gallery frame-4 DIY instax photo gallery frame-7 DIY instax photo gallery frame-8 DIY instax photo gallery frame-9 DIY instax photo gallery frame-11DIY instax photo gallery frame-13 DIY instax photo gallery frame-12 DIY instax photo gallery frame-15 DIY instax photo gallery frame-17 DIY instax photo gallery frame-18

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