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s’more hand pies

This warmer weather is getting me prepped for nighttime swims and bonfires. Of course the sweet reward following those activities is the victory of a well-cooked s’more. A perfectly golden-brown mallow, just barely melted chocolate, and a crisp graham make the greatest bite. I’m pretty sure The Sandlot engrained in all of us the unending love for this summer treat. Well, it’s not quite time for those outdoor activities, so I’ve whipped up a batch of indoor treats. I used a recipe from Pillsbury and adapted the filling to be Nutella, marshmallow spread, and chocolate chips. I also swapped the graham cracker crusting for a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar. If a pastry cutter/sealer is not in your kitchen, use a round cookie cutter and press the edges together with a fork.

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