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labor day dessert recipes

Labor Day Dessert RecipesLately the cooking and baking in my house has been minimal. I’ve grown to love steam-ready vegetables and sliced meats. But as we approach this holiday weekend, I went back through the archives to find a few simple desserts I can hopefully manage. So here are four of my favorite Labor Day dessert recipes to please the crowds without taking up too much kitchen time.

one: chocolate chip cookie brittle – depending on whether you like crispy or chewy cookies, this recipe can easily be customized for either preference (and somehow their triangle shape as opposed to round is a novelty)

two: cake batter blondies – the playful look and irresistible taste make these a perfect party option; they’re festive to matter the occasion

three: blueberry dump cake – literally the easiest dessert i’ve ever made and pairs beautifully with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

four: s’mores brownie cups – let’s just say it’s easier to make + serve these than it is to build a bonfire

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