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how to turn instagram photos into art

simple DIY on how to turn instagram photos into art

There are a million and one reasons why digital photography is amazing. As a lifestyle blogger, it’s really what my business hinges on. I can snap eighty outfit photos just to make sure I get the five I like. But lately I’ve missed the printing process. Tangible pictures are like this real connection to whatever moment was captured (then again, printing every photo I ever take is not feasible for space AND money reasons). So I found a sweet balance with this simple DIY to turn turn my favorite Instagram photos into art that displays beautifully in any room of the house.


  • small paint brush
  • 4×4 wrapped canvases
  • craft paint
  • 4×4 prints of Instagram photos
  • extra strength glue stick


  1. paint the edges of your canvas with craft paint
  2. allow paint to dry then repeat with a second coat
  3. apply glue directly to the canvas surface
  4. place your picture on the canvas and press gently to secure
  5. allow glue to dry completely then display!

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