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Oh, deer.

My adolescent years were awkwardly centered around matching–matching t-shirts to hair ties to the laces on my shoes or the bobby pins in my waterfall ponytail. Being the youngest of five with two older sisters, I am grateful (now) for their overt criticisms and unwillingness to let me persist in any such fashion faux pas. Alas, I am currently delighted by accent pieces, pops of color, and those I-can’t-walk-out-of-this-store-without-it items. Having recently purchased a loft condo in a converted firehouse, the desire for accent pieces has morphed into decorative objects. The store where I most commonly experience that can’t-leave-without-it, tugging feeling is Home Goods. The globally eclectic selection always finds it’s way into my “I need” category and consequently into the back seat of my car, on its way to a more permanent perch in our loft space. These two gems of vegan taxidermy snuck their way into my unsuspecting heart and wallet; but fear not, they are earning their keep as the guards of our keys.

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