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friday finds 3 17 17Welcome to our second installment of the new “Friday Finds” series. Thank you for such positive feedback from last week. It’s fun to pull together these interesting links from around the web and share some stories that caught our eyes. If you have suggestions for what to feature, don’t hesitate to send them our way (using the ‘contact’ page or in comments below).

p.s. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

one: a host of practical financial tips for how to maneuver the sticky topic in work + personal life

two: skincare essentials all made from pure ingredients (with no extra fillers)

three: eleven spring cookbooks you’ll actually want (and be able) to cook from

four: all the floral, feminine, and edgy looks from Victoria Beckham’s collection for Target

five: the four things you need to know about your bed in order to get a good night of sleep

six: this gorgeous Moroccan collection recently launched by ethical home decor brand The Citizenry

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