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comfort during pregnancy – the things i’m loving

During the first few appointments with my doctor after becoming pregnant, I’d try to tell her every little side effect or ache + pain I was feeling. It didn’t take long for me to realize her reaction was pretty much the same: a sympathetic head tilt accompanied by understanding nods. Barring more serious conditions, these nine months are evidently just filled with all sorts of bodily weirdness. But now that I’m 3/4 of the way through, I’ve found a few things that provide comfort during pregnancy. So I’m sharing my full list of saving graces today.

Are there any other products/items you’d recommend? I’d love to know! xx

one: an oversized grey sweatshirt for everyday wear around the house

two: new sunglasses not only to fight winter glare but also hide tired eyes

three: the creamiest lip moisturizer with a lovely (not overwhelming) scent

four: one pair of ‘splurge’ designer maternity jeans to help me feel normal when getting dressed

five: a triple pack of fuss-free cotton undies

six: the most unbelievably comfortable bra for a growing chest (that’s not ready for nursing bras yet)

seven: my version of a Mary Poppins bag because I need to tote around water, snacks, etc.

eight: this humidifier that helps me wake up more refreshed and keep my skin soft

nine: an easy, moisturizing ten-minute ‘home facial’ with these hydro-gel masks

ten: the most basic body pillow that makes it possible to get to sleep with (relative) ease

eleven: playful socks that make me happy to look at and fight against our cold floors

twelve: a pair of solid, over-the-belly maternity leggings that work for sleeping or getting out of the house

thirteen: this trusty pair of slip-on sneakers when my feet need a break from winter boots or fancy shoes

fourteen: the ever-trusty Corkcicle because I drink like a camel nowadays

fifteen: a non-maternity shirt that just happens to stretch in all the right ways

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