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pet accessories for design loving owners

When we decided to adopt two kittens at once, I feared the level of Cat Lady-ness that might come over our house. I’m prone to spoiling them with any number of jingling, crinkling, or jumping toys. But, knowing I also wanted to maintain the design integrity of our condo, I forced myself to be more discerning with purchases. So today I’ve pulled together some top pet accessories that won’t create an eyesore.

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one: a sweet printed teepee for any four-legged dwellers

two: this pet-friendly laser toy they’ll chase for hours

three: nothing like a healthy kitty high from this catnip pod

four: mouse on a string for interactive play time

five: a chic + elevated bamboo feeder with attached zen garden

six: cocoon style bed for ultimate nesting

seven: this ceramic pet fountain that blends art with function

eight: stylish ombre rope leash

nine: an eco-friendly feathered birdie for entertaining themselves

ten: canvas tote carrier for comfort + style

eleven: chew toys inspired by the sea

twelve: a sleek, modern kitty litter box that helps keep the home clean

thirteen: ceramic food storage jar with understated design

fourteen: indoor or outdoor hammock for ultimate relaxation

fifteen: sailor’s (and canine’s) delight with a rope boat wheel

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