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DIY painted carafe

DIY painted carafe tutorial

Whenever I buy Martha Stewart products, I feel magically empowered. Just the name alone gives me confidence to conquer the crafting world. This little project is by no means difficult, but it’s super adorable and makes for a simple upgrade to the standard pitcher. In six steps this DIY painted carafe will bring your lemonade, iced tea, or flavored water to life. See full details and step-by-step images below!

What you’ll need:

  • glass carafe, washed and dried
  • washi tape
  • craft tape
  • paint brush


  1. Using washi tape, create a design on the carafe by marking off different sections.
  2. Paint in the lines with one or more colors.
  3. Allow to dry then apply a second coat.
  4. Repeat until the desired color is reached.
  5. Now allow to dry completely before removing the washi tape.
  6. Once the washi tape is removed, fill and enjoy!

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