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[Liz Claiborne jumpsuit (similar here), J.Crew belt,  nails: L’Oreal Paris “How Romantic” ]
Part of my appreciation for fashion comes from its nature of repetition. Fashions from ten, twenty, fifty years ago repeat themselves with tweaks and improvements. Today I give a nod to the fashion cycle with this vintage Liz Claiborne jumpsuit. The pure silk fabric, plunging neckline, and subtle texture make it a timeless article of clothing. My modern element came in the form of the teal J.Crew belt. A slim line and dainty gold buckle pop just enough against the cobalt blue. When “pulling off” a vintage look, that addition of a current trend is so important in order to not seem outdated or, dare I say, frumpy. 
Next time you look into your wardrobe and feel discouraged, give yourself the challenge of reinventing an old item. 

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