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layered dress over buttondown

layered dress look over vintage button-down

vintage blouse, Press dress, French Connection heels, Zara bag, Gorjana earrings

In full disclosure, this week is a funk. And unfortunately it’s not in the fun, ‘Uptown Funk’ kind of way, but more the maybe-it’s-the-weather-but-something-feels-off way. I spent a couple of days trying to shake it or pretend it’s not there. But what I find with that is it actually sticks around longer (turns out avoidance isn’t the answer). Instead, I’m taking a day to look those funk feelings straight in the eye and sort them out. This isn’t giving myself license to wallow, though. In fact, I’m more of the type to pretend things just don’t exist rather than focus on their existence too much. So it’s a personal stretch but one that’s always worthwhile.

It’s times like this where I tell myself to just have all the feels. Whatever weighs on my mind: sad, happy, neurotic (likely), or something in between gets a moment in the light. Then, if there’s something concrete to deal with, I’ll do that. Otherwise, if I find it’s just an overload of emotions, move on. With the wisdom of Barney Stinson I’ll ‘suit up’ in something classy and get back to life. Recently, looking forward to fall, I’m adoring a layered dress look. It’s a simple option to repurpose those summer items and introduce a few cold weather pieces as well.

how to layer a dress for fallfaux pony hair oxblood dresscross body bag outfit ideassuede heels for fallfaux fur dress layered over vintage blouse with cross body bagshop this look

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