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how to HOST a coffee tasting

I’m a bit of an oddball when it comes to coffee. I have never been one to get my cup of joe on a ritual basis; I don’t crave an iced light ‘n sweet in the summer or a hot mugful in winter. BUT I am always at the ready for a freshly brewed espresso. I used to smell my dad’s coffee incessantly and be disappointed that it never tasted like it smelled. That felt like a mean trick to my young tastebuds. I matured my taste buds a bit, starting with a Starbucks macchiatto and making my way to the less sweet espresso. In fact, one of our best wedding gifts was a Nespresso machine!
I recently discovered Hi Line Coffee Company out of New York. They make capsules to fit Nespresso machines in tons of different roasts and they’re named after NYC icons! They generously gifted me with a few different sleeves to taste test. So I conducted my first coffee tasting and wanted to share this fun activity so you can recreate it with your best brews.

1. brew & pour {make sure to label the cups so you don’t forget}. 
leave out the sugar & cream.
2. cup the coffee: this is where your nose comes into play. put your face down toward the cup and trap the aroma with your hands. inhale and identify the smells (earthy, floral, citrusy).
3. sip & slurp: this part is like being a kid with chocolate milk. have fun! focus on taste, flavor, and body of the brew (acidity, bitterness, sweetness).
4: location: focus on after-taste and any lingering sensations.
5. cleanse your palate: eat chocolate! 
{okay, not necessary, but a good excuse nonetheless}
6. repeat.
7. choose a favorite!

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