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four skinny jeans shoe styles

sharing fashion insight on how to wear four skinny jeans shoe styles all different waysThe skinny jean trend has lasted longer than any fashion mogul predicted. Every season new variations come about that keep them going strong. Even in this stage of buying maternity clothing I’ve been able to find flattering options. But, in order to never let the look fall flat (or make it obvious I’ve worn them five days in a row), changing up footwear is key. So today I’m showing four skinny jeans shoe styles and how to switch up the denim appearance for each one.

how to style patterned pumps with skinny jeans

shoe style: patterned pumps

cuff style: These heels are a mix of flirty and classy. Under-cuffing the denim offers a touch of refinement without looking too fancy. I folded them until the jeans were about an inch above the back of the pumps. This left room for the pattern to shine (and didn’t look like I’d mistakenly hemmed them too high).

how to style ankle boots with skinny jeans

shoe style: ankle boots

cuff style: The tucked-in look is a perfect way to subtly draw attention when wearing ankle boots. It’s both sophisticated and functional (i.e. keeping out snow or fending off rain). If the jeans are too wide at the bottom, clip or pin them to avoid bunching. The sleeker finish the better.

how to style strappy sandals with skinny jeans

shoe style: strappy sandals

cuff style: This is one of my favorite ways to wear skinny jeans. Pulling out the chunky cuff look is bold yet simple. And even with such dramatic sandals, the style holds up one its own. I’ve landed on four inches as the best cuff width and think it’s ideal to have them hit two inches above the back heel. This certainly isn’t an exact science and can be tailored to every person or shoe; but once I found that formula I’m sticking to it.

how to style skinny jeans with low top sneakers

shoe style: low top sneakers

cuff style: This look is like when you spend twenty minutes putting on makeup just so it looks ‘natural’ (except this only takes two seconds). I’ll dub it, ‘the scrunch.’ Here the jeans are just barely skimming my sneakers and left in a carefree way. I used my hands to quickly scrunch the bottoms and give a little folded texture. It’s trying–just not trying too hard, got it?

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