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creative christmas wrapping with kraft paper

I have always been the designated gift wrapper in my family. When I was younger this definitely stemmed from a desire to know everyone’s presents before them (youngest sibling syndrome). But it grew into a real love for the presentation. A lot of care goes into choosing the gift and I want that same deliberation to be there in the packaging. This year, I chose five simple ways to embellish Kraft paper and make a memorable gifting experience from start to finish.
1. Rosemary + Twine
rosemary and twine gift wrap

baker's twine and clothespin wrapping

3. Dots + Glitter Ribbon
glitter ribbon and dot Kraft paper gift wrap

4. Washi Tape + Sharpie Candles

5. Anthro Tag + Twine
Anthropologie gift tag and Kraft paper

p.s. i came across these perfect printables for labeling in numbers 2 + 3

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