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diy pom pom placemat

DIY pom pom placemat tutorial

Over the next two months there will be plenty of reasons to set the table and play hostess. And one thing I’ve realized that’s lacking in our house is a collection of placemats. I never think to buy them or, when I do, I can’t find ones I really love. But I recently decided to delve into this diy pom pom placemat idea where I can mix and match colors for any occasion. The step-by-step instructions are below. And once I was ready to set the table, I used leftover trim to tie the silverware together. It brought the whole look together.


  • Placemats (I cut a table runner to size)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pom pom trim in colors of choice (I thought the red was much softer…so I avoided using it for fear of them looking like McDonalds)
  • Scissors


one: Glue one strip of pom pom trim along the edge of your placemat with the hot glue gun, adhering just a few inches at a time then pressing firmly in place.

two: Repeat the process and lay the second pom pom trim just beneath the first to make sure the poms are close together.

three: Repeat for as many rows as you’d like.

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