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butternut squash & sweet potato {soup}

Okay, absolute favorite kitchen purchase for the Musser Loft: my Ninja blender. With domestic nerdiness, I have to say it is the most incredible gizmo. The thing has six rotating blades that chop, dice, slice, and blend in minutes! I promise, this isn’t an infomercial; I’m just that obsessed. 
This week I whipped up a new winter favorite: Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup from Making Thyme for Health. The recipe is not complicated and uses basic ingredients.  I personally am not a huge fan of nutmeg in my soup, so I went the route of curry (maybe my all-time favorite spice). The best part is that the batch it yields is large–Eric and I have had soup-at-the-ready all week! 
My little nugget of cooking wisdom: you’ve taken all the time to prepare a delicious dish, so don’t just slop it on a plate or into a bowl. Put in those few extra seconds to create a lovely presentation. For my soup, some sunflower kernels and rosemary sprigs went the distance to make a finished product.

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