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best baby products for new parents

Putting together a baby registry can be extremely overwhelming. It’s a whole new world of gadgets, gismos, and adorably tiny things. But so often, as a new parent, it’s challenging to know what you’ll really need or find useful on a daily basis. To be sure, I added less-than-functional items like a macrame hanging and minimalistic brass mobile. So I wanted to share the thirteen best baby products that have proved invaluable in Colton’s first two months. And I’d love to know, are there any things you’d add to my selection?

one: the only onesies I have found that zip from the top down making for way easier nighttime diaper changes

two: a hamper we currently keep in our bedroom because babies have an infinite amount of laundry

three: something I thought I’d be so against but this co-sleeper has saved our nights because C loves it (and hated a bassinet)

four: this diaper bag insert that fits inside any tote and turns a purse into my own personal baby central

five: investing in a good rocking chair can be key for the whole family

six: an ample supply of muslin swaddles because they serve a zillion purposes (burp cloth, nursing cover, actual swaddle, etc.)

seven: no one told me how much babies drool even before teething, so drool bibs should be on hand always

eight: the Owlet = parenting piece of mind (see my full post on it here)

nine: what I thought was the grossest thing ever has been insanely useful: meet, the Snotsucker

ten: a soft carrier that lets baby sit closely to your body whether headed outside or just doing household chores

eleven: this leather mat that makes for the perfect changing area or place to set baby down when out + about

twelve: hooded towels for bath time serve two purposes: look precious and warm their little noggins

thirteen: the glider swing with removable vibrating seat has given me so many moments of free-handed peace

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