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a SHOT at love // engagement party

The events leading up to a wedding create this sense of anticipation. They capture the initial bliss of engagement and make that last through to the wedding day. Every party or shower or get-together takes the couple one step closer to marriage. 
This past weekend was the kickoff event for my sister and her fiancĂ©. 
When I plan an event, I mentally have to lock down a theme. This doesn’t mean that the theme has to be cheesy or even obvious; but for my peace of mind I need something to tie it all together. Their engagement party took on the theme of “A Shot at Love.” This gave the night a tone of edgy sweetness. With desserts and appetizers in shot glasses, a well-stocked bar, and ten gallons of blackberry sangria, the evening went off without a hitch. 
Here’s a glimpse of their happiness. xx
{wall of balloons displaying photographs} 
{a gifted frame of the couple’s engagement date}
{prosecco, beer, red & white, selection of liquors,
garnishes & tonics}
{shooter desserts, personal size appetizers, his & hers cupcakes}
{blackberry sangra & chilled fruit skewers}
{extensive charcuterie}
{request a wedding song & offer marriage wisdom}
{tassel garland of wedding colors}

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