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two minute milkbraid

two minute milkbraid hair tutorial with images

I’ll be honest with you: if you don’t already know how to do a French braid, this title is a lie. It will take some time to learn that part. But if you’re familiar with the braiding world, say hello to this low-effort, high-impact summer hairstyle. It’s just three steps. Seriously, three very easy steps that turns into a two minute milkbraid look. And before this, I’d never jived with the idea of Dutch braids or anything similar. I worried the style would require lederhosen and a sweet rendition of “The Hills Are Alive.”. But the outcome was far removed from my Sound of Music fear. I loved getting the hair off my neck on a hot day yet still looking polished. I kept this one quite clean and tight but may test out a looser, more relaxed vibe for the next go-around. See the steps below!

easy milkmaid braid hair tutorial

one: part your hair along the normal line and braid one side into a normal french braid. secure with an elastic.

french braid and milkmaid beauty DIY

two:  braid the other side. secure with an elastic.

simple summer hairstyle inspiration

three: pin both braids at the nape of your neck with bobby pins. finish with hair spray.

simple summer hair ideas for medium lengthmilk braid hair tutorial in three easy steps


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by Leslie Musser at Mode

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