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a gentle(man) friday

men's striped and patterned casual summer outfit

Ralph Lauren t-shirt, Nautica belt, Weatherproof shorts (on sale!), Rainbow sandals

Lately, we’ve taken up running again. We used to run a good deal in college. I’m not talking marathons or anything, but it made for a decent workout. But since then I got an ankle injury and a major dose of adulthood. So that habit took a long hiatus. Yet these past few weeks it’s created a refreshing new routine. Whether together or on our own, I pop in my earbuds with a podcast of the hour and go. What I’ve realized is so important to me is measurable progress. When I feel I can run farther on day two than I could on day one. So even if I’m personally frustrated or stagnated I’ll still have that thing to achieve. This new trend has also made us more adamant about getting outside, even just for a walk. So we caught a perfect glimpse of golden hour the other night and snapped E’s casual summer outfit with stripes and patterns.

If you’re looking for great podcasts (a.k.a. waiting for the next Serial), I like this, this, and this. I’d love any suggestions you have of what to listen to next!

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