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Hostess of Overnight Guests

a hostess guide on how to prepare your house for overnight guests
If hostess-ing is a gene, my parents gave it to me. I grew up thinking that trait was normal for everyone. Our doors were always open, parties seemed never-ending, and childhood friends marked their calendars for the day our pool opened. But it wasn’t until late middle school/early high school that I realized what a gem this was, just how welcoming my parents taught us to be. Not all families liked having a full house; not all moms were cool with the, “hey, I’m having 20 people over tonight” kind of notice. But mine were. So over the years I’ve worked on cultivating that trait into an art. It’s been a whole new kind of joy learning to host in our own home.

I put together the following list of nine simple ways to prepare your place for an overnight guest. It’s not genius, but it does show great care and thoughtfulness. Are there any things you think should be added to the list?

one: the wi-fi password printed and in plain sight; it saves the trouble of your guests needing to ask or you having to awkwardly spell it out

two: even if they only have an overnight bag, there’s something luxurious about using a luggage rack; they are fairly easy to spot at flea markets or antique stores

three: an array of reading material at arms length (coffee table type imagery books as well as text-heavy options); this can encourage some tech-free relaxation

four: a fresh set of towels left in the guest room; because whenever towels are placed in my guest room ahead of time as opposed to hanging in the bathroom I feel sure they’re clean (and then I’m not skeeved out by wondering)

five: a set of new slippers by the bed; this would make me feel like the Queen of Sheba, so it can send an ‘extra touch’ message to guests (just a dollar store option is perfect)

six: a carafe of water with glasses beside the bed; just in case there’s impromptu thirst or an unpleasant coughing attack, guests won’t have to stumble around an unfamiliar kitchen in the dark

seven: extra pillows and blankets in the room; everyone has different sleeping habits (E sleeps with 2 1/2 pillows and I sleep with none), so it’s great to provide options for whatever they like

eight: tying eucalyptus to the shower head for a spa-like experience; this is so simple yet completely over-the-top in terms of hostess expectations (not a bad hack for any day of the week, guests or not)

nine: chocolates on the bed pillows; because it doesn’t matter what age you are, when someone puts chocolate on the bed at turndown, you know you’re in a five star establishment

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