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matching earrings with hairstyles

sharing three ways of matching earrings with hairstylesBesides the occasional dainty necklace, this past year I’ve been pretty minimal with my jewelry choices. There’s no conscious decision behind that. It’s more of just a phase I passively entered. But I’ll still break out the occasional statement earrings. And it dawned on me recently that I’ve always abided by unspoken rules when it comes to matching earrings with hairstyles. No matter which part comes first (accessorizing or primping), I stick to these three combinations.

how to pair earrings with a hairstyle straight downMy hair has been long for the better part of this last decade. So I’m no stranger to wearing it straight down (sans blowout or flat-ironing). When that’s my look of choice, I pair chunky studs as a complementing accessory. They blend easily int0 the tresses but still make an impact when I inevitably play with my hair or swipe it behind my ears.

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how to pair earrings with a hairstyle half upThis half-up hairstyle is where function meets elegance. So it deserves an earring that reflects the same elements. And sleek hoops are the way to go. The silhouette is timeless yet can be modernized (as shown below in a few options). Moreover, this duo can easily transition from work time to playtime in zero seconds flat.

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how to pair earrings with a hairstyle top knot bunA top knot bun is one of my easiest fixes for bad hair days. Add to that a pair of statement drop earrings and the entire look goes from drab to glam. This match is minimal effort for the biggest impact. And, having borrowed my sister’s leather earrings, I can confidently say I have a new obsession for them.

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