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I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language & Literature. Essentially, for four years I read and wrote and analyzed and read some more. I love dissecting a novel’s themes. I adore the language of a Shakespearean sonnet (whether or not I always understand it, that is another story). Post-college years have not been kind to my reading habits. Life often gets in the way and an hour on the couch can easily be swapped for errands or DVR. As I began my New Year’s goal of reading Wuthering Heights, I was reminded of the many experiences a novel has to offer. Barnes & Noble survives alongside Amazon; paperbacks persist even after the development of Kindle and e-reader. There is something in a book that lives and breathes every time the page is turned. I am now re-determined to devote a little less time to my laptop and a bit more time to the good old parchment.
Give me the library pictured above and I could be lost for days.
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