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Tory Burch is timeless. The elegance of her designs offers versatility. This white tunic dress is easily paired with tights and boots for winter warmth. The stark white shift with wool woven accents is easy on the New England closet. The jewelry pieces are similarly understated and classic. As is my constant insistence with outfits, however, balance is essential. The unique piece that offsets sleek lines and neutral colors is a Mark Ciel studded clutch. Oh, and for some added color palate joys, OPI Underneath the Mistletoe makes for a lovely nail contrast!

[Parkhurst headband, Tory Burch dress (lovely sheath option), HUE tights, Ava Aiden boots, Mark Ciel clutch, Vince Camuto bracelet (in black), Italian cameo earrings]

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