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sheer sleeve lace dress

sheer sleeve lace dress summer outfit idea

[Pure Sugar top, Tahari dress, Shoemint heels, Ray-Ban aviators, Revlon “Pink Cloud” lipstick, H&M belt]

 Okay, we had a bizarrely awesome experience on Saturday night. If you follow me on Snapchat, you know what I’m talking about. E and I were driving home to catch the fireworks show. About five minutes from our house I saw a huge circle of people dressed in white standing in the Planet Fitness parking lot. I know, it sounds a bit creepy, but I wanted a closer look. They turned out to be the brass section of a marching band. As if that wasn’t cool enough, we followed their ranks to a nearby football field where the night got more epic. We had stumbled upon the Drum Core International competition! And I truly mean stumbled. The fact that it was pretty much in our back yard still seems surreal. We sat for an hour on freezing bleachers watching the world champions of drum core perform against a backdrop of fireworks. Honestly, it’s not something I likely would have made the effort to see; but, that makes me all the more grateful for a spontaneous experience.

Between the holiday and Women’s World Cup, there’s been enough weekend excitement to amp me up for the next few days. I’m starting the week in a romantic and feminine look with this sheer lace sleeve dress. To tone down the formality, I belted a ruffled blouse on top of the dress. Although it’s a fairly monochromatic look, the different textures and lines keep things interesting.

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