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new house projects, our renovation + design plans

one brass fox new house projects and renovation design plans

I shared on Instagram last week that we finally closed on our new house! It was a surreal process. We’ve waited months for that day yet we’re not moving in immediately. So it’s been odd to know we have a new space we’re just not occupying. These next couple of weeks are all about knocking out a few renovation projects. Essentially, we wanted to tackle items that would be too cumbersome to take on while living there (let alone having a newborn).

Our new home is in no way a ‘fixer upper.’ It’s been beautifully upkept and many details are exactly how we’d imagine them. However, putting our own stamp on the design of each room feels important. So we’ll be sharing new house projects along the way. With baby girl expected next month, it won’t be a fast process. But we’re so eager to craft a welcoming family space to raise our littles while entertaining family and friends. Here are a few of our top priority items (not necessarily in order of completion).

FRONT ENTRYWAY – expanding the existing area and adding functionality

KITCHEN – take down a wall and create our desired open concept floor plan

MASTER SUITE – this is a more recent addition to the house (and my personal oasis), so we’re just focusing on decor and enhancing the already peaceful, gorgeous space

LIVING ROOM – removing wallpaper and replacing with fresh paint, defining a more ‘adult’ space as opposed to our family room that’ll house the TV + toys

DINING ROOM – update decor and fixtures to bring a more modern feel

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