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gift guide for the impossible 2016

Each year this holiday post winds up being one of my favorite to put together. Whether it’s someone who has everything or a recipient you just can’t figure out, my gift guide for the impossible 2016 covers them all. It’s full of quirky and innovative items that will both entertain and surprise. So it’s time to give the gift they never knew they wanted.

one: traditional candles are out; geometric pyropet ones are the way to go ($40)

two: botanist or not, this indoor herb garden is a charmer ($60)

three: give the budding artist a bundle of color with this watercolor set ($15)

four: every Nervous Nelly or Stressed Stanley needs soothing magnetic putty ($40)

five: everyone’s got a story to tell–this activity book helps get them started ($16)

six: this kettle that’ll get them through hot cocoa season ($130)

seven: sweaty palms-be-gone with an anti-moisture bamboo mouse ($17)

eight: a hand-operated espresso gadget for the caffeinator on the go ($65)

nine: nix those dinnertime silences with a couples table topic set ($25)

ten: this macro lens kit that turns iPhones intro pro cameras ($15)

eleven: wash away their holiday cares with therapeutic dead sea soap ($10)

twelve: the dial-less clock for a design loving recipient ($100)

thirteen: it’s virtual reality on a budget with Google Cardboard 3-d glasses ($16)

fourteen: dog lovers delight with all these pooches from Instagram ($17)

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