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friday finds 4 21 17My word for this week: exhaustion. I heard that happens (again) in third trimester but until now I’d avoided it. So I take my spurts of energy and maximize them into working out, packing in as many coffee dates as possible, and setting the house into readiness mode. And just in case your week was anything like mine, here are six links that’ll be sure to brighten your weekend (I’m still laughing at the Chopped one).

happy friday, all! xx

one: a list of modern classics to add to your nursery library

two: how to recognize bad advice (and deflect it)

three: this mouthwatering recipe for blueberry bbq chicken sliders

four: 19 ridiculously accurate Tumblr posts about every Chopped episode ever

five: stunning vertical gardens to inspire your spring + summer green thumb

six: 21 destinations every woman should travel to in her lifetime

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