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first trimester reflections

Leslie Musser sharing pregnancy reflections on her first trimester on one brass fox

(the card I gave E to tell him he’s becoming a father)

Let me start out by saying this baby was surprising. Now, it wasn’t a total surprise because we knew we wanted to start a family in the near future. But the speed at which it all happened made for some serious shock on our end. I know that many couples struggle with this process so I certainly count it as a blessing; but, the positive pee test threw me into a funk for a few weeks. Enter, first trimester.

I haven’t been one of those women who loves being pregnant from day one. On the contrary, utter exhaustion and lack of motivation have really been my enemy. I’ll tell you, it’s a weird feeling waking up one day and realizing your body isn’t solely yours anymore. That, to me, felt somewhat invasive–like I instantly lost independence. And going through this for the first time means everything is new. Every bizarre symptom can be unsettling. There’s also no visible proof that I’m carrying a little human inside. So all I’m left with is inexplicable sluggishness (and occasional food aversions).

But much of that changed the day we had our ultrasound. I cried on the crunchy, paper-lined table watching our cherry-sized nugget pop up on screen. Suddenly my anxieties and side effects mattered less. Any discomfort I’m feeling is leading to something really beautiful. Now, I’ve still got breakdown moments and loss-of-control issues, I assure you. But I have a better image in my head to calm those worries.

I’ve also been getting the question a lot about how a baby will change or affect the blog. Content-wise, it will be similar to us decorating our home in that we’ll share bits along the way. This is a lifestyle blog I designed to grow with me through various stages of life. But the overall vision of one brass fox won’t change: to be a brand that highlights beautiful aesthetics across fashion, food, and home from a standpoint of conscious consumerism.

We wish you + your family a most wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday. xx

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