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ethical gift guide 2016

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I’ve always been someone who starts their holiday shopping early. That doesn’t mean, though, that I’m an advocate for seeing Christmas decorations in stores before Halloween (#toosoon). But right at the start of November I’ll create a new note on my phone of all the friends and family we’ll be gifting that season. This gives me time to come up with thoughtful, intentional gifts suited to each person. And, on a practical note, early shopping saves our bank account from looking rather dismal all at once. So today marks the start of my gift guide season and it’s kicking off with a favorite. This ethical gift guide 2016 covers anyone and everyone (yes, even pets). With items sustainably sourced and ethically produced, they’re pieces that can be confidently purchased and gifted. Plus, stellar craftsmanship means they’re going to last for many years to come. Happy shopping and good luck! xx

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