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DIY denim cutoff shorts

DIY denim cutoff shorts tutorial with images

I guess it’s not a big surprise at this point that I like distressed denim. The ripped knee look and frayed pocket edges just feel invitingly comfy. But I kind of draw the line at paying for almost-destroyed shorts. I do love the style and I’ve certainly lusted after my fair share of them, but the price tag is always a “no” factor. So now that we’re back in that time of year, I decided to test this little project for myself. I picked up two pairs of men’s vintage Levi’s from Savers (501’s and 506’s) for a DIY denim cutoff shorts tutorial. The grand total was $14. And in six steps I got the look I’d been coveting.

Also, in case you didn’t see my Snapchat the day I actually went to Savers, I had a moment of nasty. I tried on a pair of jeans (that I did NOT buy), put my hand in the pocket, and touched a dirty tissue. Forever note to self: look before you leap into the pocket of pre-owned clothing.

vintage levi jeans 501 and 506DSC_0016_edited-1

one: turn jeans inside out and mark the inseam length with chalk. (I used a little four inch box for reference)


two: fold the legs together and make sure the chalk marks match


three: cut straight across using fabric scissors or sharp kitchen shears


four: use your nails to gently fray the edges of the shorts. pull at the threads to create distressed ends


five: using a sharp knife, cut slits in desired areas on the shorts. I cut three separate spots to make them look lived-in but not totally disheveled


six: (oh, and I had a little help from Koala. she gave the shorts a real vintage feel) finally, put the shorts through a wash cycle and wear! this last step is crucial because it helps separate the threads and “un-perfect” the slits/edges


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