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Darlings of Instagram #4

The world of fashion bloggers is pretty well saturated at this point. So it’s not for lack of options that I stepped into that place myself. But one of the best parts of this industry is the constant source of inspiration, creativity, and variety. Every successful blogger found something unique–something different about themselves and capitalized on that. So if ever I feel my own well of inspiration running dry, I have a few tried-and-true spots I visit to reenergize. Here are the six fashion feeds I’m currently loving over on Instagram.


6 top fashion people to follow on instagram
ONE: Kat Tanita, @kattanita
TWO: Matthew Zorpas, @matthewzorpas
THREE: Adam Gallagher, @iamgalla
FOUR: Jacey Duprie, @damselindior
FIVE: Kimberly Pesch, @eatsleepwear
SIX: Johannes Huebl @johanneshuebl
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