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clean sweep your beauty routine

sharing how to clean sweep your beauty routine with toxin-free safe products by Beautycounter

When I first started learning about clean beauty products it felt overwhelming. I was pretty shocked to discover what ingredients were in my favorite items. Unbeknownst to me they contained toxins, chemicals, and harsh mineral oils that were absorbing right into my body. As I did research into exactly what problems these ingredients could cause the list got scary: asthma, cancer, and infertility were at the top. Being a new mom, I’ve been hyper sensitive to what goes in or on Colton’s body. So to think that these products weren’t actually safe for him (or me) was alarming. But I couldn’t quite wrap my head around where to begin. With a bathroom full of products and a dresser stacked with makeup, I couldn’t afford to throw it all away and start from scratch.** Instead, I took a look at the ‘top offenders’ and made a clean sweep. Today I wanted to share with you those six items in your beauty routine that deserve a better, safer, cleaner alternative. Then head on over to my Instagram today where I’m running a GIVEAWAY with Anna Liesemeyer of In Honor of Design!

eye + face cream

Many eye and face creams contain preservatives such as formaldehyde that are harmful to our immune system. Instead, it’s important to use products with natural preservatives that don’t interfere with our health.

make a clean sweep with this eye cream + this face cream

facial mask

The rich, creamy texture of our favorite facial masks could actually be putting us as risk. Unfortunately, lots of them are formulated with something called PEGs (or polyethylene glycols). Those PEGs may be made up of dangerous chemicals. Masks that use naturally derived glycerin are the best alternative since that ingredient softens skin while it conditions.

make a clean sweep with this brightening mask, this hydrating mask + this purifying mask

body lotion

Body lotions often contain mineral oil as a conditioning agent. That oil can have trace amounts of toxins in it. Saying ‘trace’ makes it sound inconsequential, but think of how many lotion applications there are in a lifetime. Those traces add up to too much!

make a clean sweep with this citrus mimosa body lotion

mascara + lipstick

I’m not one to use lots of makeup on a regular basis. But my staples are always swiping on mascara and popping on some lipstick. Well, first of all, it turns out that mascaras are typically colored with black carbon, a pigment linked to many healthy issues. And, secondly, companies are allowed to use artificial fragrances in lipsticks without disclosing their chemical makeup. YIKES. So working with naturally occurring pigments and fragrances is highly preferable.

make a clean sweep with this volumizing mascara + this sheer lipstick


You know those indulgent shampoo commercials where some girl looks way too pleased with her foaming hair? Well, that lather is primarily achieved by the use of sulphates. Those sulphates can cause serious skin irritation (bye-bye happy commercial girl). Instead, Beautycounter haircare products use beetroot sugars to offer their foaming cleanse.

make a clean sweep with this smoothing shampoo



**As a side note, I did immediately get rid of any unsafe baby products for Colton and switched to this baby line

sharing how to clean sweep your beauty routine with toxin-free safe products by Beautycounter

p.s. if you’ve never heard of Beautycounter before this is an incredible q+a about health and cosmetic safety and here is an eye-opening video about why we deserve better. plus, check out the status of your personal products on this independent database. i’m always happen to answer any questions or chat further so feel free to email me.

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