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We have been busy little bees working behind the scenes on home remodeling. While it’s taking a while to get things just right, I’m thankful that E and I have a similar aesthetic in mind. If we had to push and pull on every step of the way it would take an eternity to complete. So today we’re sharing our bedroom design inspiration. It’s defined by bright, airy textiles grounded in walnut wood tones. We’re keeping things in line with that mid century modern appeal. See the breakdown of pieces below.

one: this minimal, sleek platform bed that gets rid of our bulky boxspring

two: a down alternative comforter to revamp sleep time

three: one playful pompom pillow to create an accent point on the bed

four: this round accent mirror bouncing light throughout the room

five: a tall dresser for E’s foldable wardrobe

six: these open front nightstands that hold only bare essentials

seven: an orb-shaped metallic vase to top a dresser

eight: muted throw pillows for the bed

nine: this unassuming clothing rack to display new or to-be-worn outfits

ten: an avocado leaf rug with bright, refreshing hues

eleven: wall-standing mirror for the full length effect

twelve: small geometric vases for organization or fresh flowers (TBD)

thirteen: luxurious yet laid-back linen duvet and shams

fourteen: six drawers of brass handled clothing storage all to myself (and my overflowing closet)

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