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all black ensemble

[Calvin Klein blazer, Zara dress, Anthropologie jeans, Kate Spade heels, Ray-Ban wayfarers]
As the youngest of five, it’s in my nature to defy standards. For our wedding toast, my sister emphasized how differently I’ve tried to do just about everything in life: siblings played soccer? I went for lacrosse. Plug into the restaurant biz? Let’s stick with hotels. Wait a while to be married and settled? Check and check at twenty-three. So when it comes to my fashion inspiration, that trend holds true. I don’t like to copycat; meaning, I rarely see an outfit that makes me want those exact pieces. Instead, I’ll browse favorite blogs, scroll Pinterest feeds, or watch runway shows that catch my eye with certain combinations. I like to see how different style icons pair their wardrobe pieces to create unique looks. From there I find my own, change it up a bit, and personalize the outfit. This all-black-everything spring ensemble is just one of those recreations.
all black women's fashion
women's Ray-Ban black wayfarers
all black spring style outfit


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