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12 Times When Being a Blogger’s Husband is Awesome

I am very fortunate to have E as my support. No doubt he puts up with a lot. We both hold full-time jobs, yet he’s constantly willing to shoot photos, brainstorm ideas, and even tag along for shopping trips. But, in his eyes, apparently it’s not so bad. He even came up with this Buzzfeed-esque list of top reasons why being a blogger’s husband is the best; I had to share. Also, you’ll notice, only one in five posts of mine per week is about food. His list is 50% food. The ratios are off.

1. Oh, you have eggs for breakfast in bed? I have PASTA.
2. When your wife wears heels at 8am on a Saturday (y’know, for pictures’ sake).
3. National Donut Day? How about Homemade-Powdered-Sugar-Donuts-in-my-Mouth Day.
4. Because I’m basically Zoolander now.
5. When holiday food happens twice: once for pictures and once in real time.
6. Clothes. Tax write-offs. ‘Nuff said.
7. When your wife looks like a rockstar #alldayeveryday.
8. All your Pinterest recipe fantasies come to life.
9. When gift-giving is as easy as clothes, clothes, or gift cards for clothes.
10. Official Taste Tester of the Blog…you know you’re jealous.
11. Litmus test for giving her a good gift: it’s featured on the blog.
12. When we’re like photo ninjas…living on the edge…snapping pics…in abandoned buildings.
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