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wedding week: legacy inspired

 I was married five months ago. While part of me has been bursting at the seams to share our wedding with you, I’ve held back. I wanted to give it (and myself) some processing time. So today marks the start of wedding week! Each post through Friday I will cover a different aspect/portion of the day that made me a wife.

Eric and I met in a college study group; he was there to study while I intended to socialize. He asked me out on the night of a New England Nor’easter (a.k.a. a miserable, snowstorm). Just under three years of dating, Eric asked me to marry him on the morning of Hurricane Sandy (a.k.a. one of New England’s worst hurricanes to date). You can imagine how nervous I was that the climate would reach apocalypse on our wedding day! (It didn’t.) If I could offer one snippet to describe our wedding day, I would label it, “A Legacy of Love.” Eric and I place such a high priority on our ancestry and family. We saw our wedding as an opportunity to celebrate and embrace all of our loved ones. The day before our wedding, my parents presented to us their own labor of love: a graphically designed family tree that combined our heritages and traced back to the 1300’s. We were in awe; it allowed us to recognize the beauty of two lives and two families coming together.
Little touches of family intimacies were scattered throughout our wedding day. Eric’s unique gold band is that of his great-grandfather. It is a stunning Finnish piece with the original engraved wedding date from the year 1917.

As for the “getting ready” portion of the day, Eric and the groomsmen stayed at a hotel and my bridesmaids and I dressed at my parent’s house. Deciding to be there was a gradual decision that didn’t initially excite me. It is far from our venue and I was scared of the nostalgia that could add to my wedding jitters. But this became one of the most beautiful moments of that day. My mother kept one bedroom upstairs in their home a secret for months leading up to this. As I opened the door to the Bridal Suite that morning, I was met with images of my grandmothers’, aunts’, and own mother’s wedding pictures. On the bureau sat a vanity set of my great-grandmother. Everywhere I turned I saw radiant reminders of joy—the same joy I was beginning to embody. I truly felt the presence, support, and delight of many generations in that one moment–a sentiment which carried throughout the day.

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