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spreading christmas cheer

five simple ideas for spreading christmas cheer this holiday seasonE and I are entering this holiday weekend with our excitement in overdrive. I’m also pretty sure I’ve said that in the last five blog posts. So clearly I can’t contain it. We’ll be making sugar cookies on Saturday, attending a candlelight service on Sunday, and celebrating at my parents’ house on Monday. There you have it: I just described every Lifetime movie in the month of December. But, more seriously, this time of year turns my heart toward others. I try to make a point of going the extra mile every day in one way or another (even if that’s a really small mile). What I continue to find is that any ‘trouble’ I may go to is returned tenfold with gratitude. So I wanted to share these five simple ideas for spreading christmas cheer. And if you try them out, be sure to share it with me–I’d love to hear some stories of holiday happiness.

fa la la la flight treats

This is a little gesture I picked up from my parents. Whenever they’re headed on longer flights or traveling around the holidays, they take small gifts for the flight attendants. It’s generally something edible (I go with Ferrero Rocher), and always sealed. Every time we’ve done this it’s been met with surprise and thankfulness. They often go unrecognized for their services so one little tin of goodies can change their day.

check in at the checkout

We all know the drill: walk up to the cashier, dump your treasures, swipe the card, and be on your way before that line behind you turns mutinous. But dare to live on the holiday edge and ask your cashier one extra question. Lately I’ve been going with, ‘Do you get time off for the holidays?’ It’s pretty innocuous yet opens the door for some small talk. For instance, at the grocery store this week, I heard all about one sweet woman’s baking traditions for family and neighbors. Those thirty seconds of chit-chat made both of us a bit merrier.


So instead of paying it forward, this is about paying it backward. When you’re caffeinating for that last minute shopping run, pay for the person’s drink behind you. That little surprise can be cheer-spreading to your barista and the drink recipient.

e-card for the ages

There are so many options now for sending online cards (I’ve always been partial to Paperless Post). With holiday designs galore, I’ve been making a point to send notes to friends or family with whom I rarely connect. It’s an easy (and free) way to show your thoughtfulness from afar.

pass the pie (or cookies, or chocolate, or brownies, or shortbread)

This final suggestion for spreading christmas cheer does require some advance prep work. But it’s well worth the effort. Growing up, my mom made the most deliciously addictive spiced nuts. She’d whip up huge batches to divy up among our neighbors, teachers, and even our mailman.  So I’ve been inspired by those memories to pass along some edible merriment. Whatever your specialty (cookies, pies, fudge–anything from a box mix) just send it with love and you’ll be glad you did.

We will be taking some time off for the holidays. But be sure to stay in touch over on Instagram and watch our little family enjoy this first Christmas with Colton! Happiest of holidays to you and yours. xx

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