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new year projections

sharing my 2018 new year projections for the blog and personal lifeI titled this post strategically. It’s not about resolutions or predictions. Instead, I’m making new year projections. That word felt more concrete and deliberate. This comes after I took a real break from work over the holidays. I used that time to reflect on the last twelve months. So much of my life and priorities have shifted. We sold our condo, bought a house, and brought baby Colton into our family. In lots of ways my focus is not where it used to be.

I started this blog as a hobby four years ago. Just out of college and recently married, I needed a creative outlet. I wanted some way of combining my interests with my love of writing. At the time those interests were primarily food (hello new wife wanting to impress with cuisine) and ethical fashion. I’ve always loved clothes. Just ask my sisters: I would change outfits four times a day growing up simply out of boredom. But I’ve drifted in certain regards. I let the conscious consumer portion fall by the wayside. And, instead, the everyday style segments have dominated.

What I’m saying is that I think I was trying to be something or someone I’m not. I was working so hard to fit a “fashion blogger” mold that I left behind what I cared most about. Yes, this blog is a source of income and helps to support our family. But attempting to make that the primary focus pulled me away from authenticity.

Our life changes of 2017 made me realize that you (my readers) resonate with different topics. Sure, a fashion post here and there may be helpful or inspiring. But the aspects of family, home, and conscious consumerism ring true. Moreover, I don’t want to simply feed a consumerist mindset. Going forward, I’m making changes. I’m returning to my focus and incorporating new facets of our lifestyle. As always, I am tremendously grateful for your support and loyalty. This wouldn’t be an outlet without you. So I am always open to your feedback and interested to know what it is you want to see here.

I look forward to all that 2018 will bring and taking you along with us! xx

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