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leith dress, dolce vita sandals, Warby Parker sunglasses, vintage scarf, Bobbi Brown ‘Calypso’ lipstick

The last seven days have been an unbelievable whirlwind but I wouldn’t have it any other way. So, boom, here’s my look from day one at Axis Show. It can be intimidating to step into a warehouse full of fashionable people, so I kept to a simple modern maxi with a tied neck scarf for color (and pizazz, of course). I split my days there between modeling in the alexis mera booth and circling the venue to connect with other brands. I could not be more energized by the people I met. The number of incredible companies with a ‘conscious consumer’ mindset blew me away. My mind is spinning with all the wonderful things I’ll be able to introduce here in the coming months. So be on the lookout as I’m expanding my Conscious Closet series and highlighting some stellar products.

Also, as is the case with¬†every Manhattan visit, we discovered some amazing ‘only in New York’ kind of specialities. For instance, Murray’s Cheese shop is maybe the most amazing place for those not plagued by lactose intolerance. And they know their stuff. The cheese-rista (I’m sure they have a better title, I just don’t know it) could recall¬†every slice under the sun and even suggest best pairings of fruit, wine or entree. Secondly, Insomnia Cookies. Oh my gosh, I would be their #1 fan if I lived there. This place delivers freshly baked cookies, pints of ice cream, and ice cold milk until 3am. Right!? That’s every slumber party’s dream. Well, now that we’ve left the land of delivery + plenty, we’re hitting the ground running for another busy week.


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