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a gentle(man) friday

his fall fashion with corduroys and layers

Gap shirt, J.Crew tee, Guess pants (similar here), Rainbow sandals

Do you ever notice that strange squeaky noise that corduroys make? I always feel I’m on high alert for it. Sometimes, just for a laugh, I make E walk in a funny way just so I hear these pants start ‘singing.’ Regardless, he’s really in full-on fall mode. In fact, he had “PSL” day programmed in for last Friday. What’s that, you ask? Well I asked too: it’s “Pumpkin Spice Latte” day. That’s right, E is right up there with those other Starbucks hooligans just pining for a taste autumn in New England. Over the next few months he’ll consume more than I can count but be equally as happy every time. And a layered look of this casual button-down with a comfy tee reflects the best of his fall fashion ways. It’s laidback pieces styled in a contemporary way with more fitted pants.

This weekend we are prepping for our trip to New York City, an extended visit with family, and some wonderful networking time at Axis Show. If you had to pick ONE favorite sushi restaurant in Manhattan, what would it be!? Let us know in the comments section below (we’re on the hunt).

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