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friday finds 4 28 17This week was definitely an improvement over last. My sister flew in from Michigan for a final visit before baby comes. She’s essentially my guru on life (cooking, baking, interior design, belly laughs). So I wanted to nail down all the nursery details with her stamp of approval. Her trip also meant that all three sisters could work out in the same room instead of via Skype. And somehow sweating together really is better. So for the next few days e + i will be finishing indoor/outdoor home projects, finding time for long walks, and indulging in extra hours of sleep (while we still can). Happy Friday and enjoy these fun links from around the web.

one: the stunning sandals your spring + summer wardrobes are craving

two: breakapart granola bark with hints of maple syrup and coconut

three: ten easy steps to looking more photogenic (the ‘natural smile’ one is key)

four: the top interior design books you’ll want on your coffee table

five: reflections on whether a control freak can actually teach themselves patience

six: a few ways to eat your way to wellness through this beauty routine

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