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black rice fritters

Black Rice (or Forbidden Rice) has a somewhat scary and unappetizing look. About the only thing pretty in the cooking process is the color of the water (or milk) in which it was cooked. A rich magenta color fills the pot, but the end product is still black and dismal. Well, enough dissing this magical grain, because I love it. The rice has a sweetness that picks up flavors and spices well. 
But I don’t often like a plain scoop of rice. I enjoy transforming the grain somehow (i.e. sushi or risotto), so this fritters recipe jumped out at me as a must-try. While it is a two part process, neither portion is difficult. The end result is amazing: the outside has a slightly fried crunch while the inside is the texture of perfectly cooked rice. I even thought about, next time, 
using this as a faux hamburger bun.
And, if you’re looking for a fresh take on brussels sprouts this spring, find my inspiration here!

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