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a warmed home

This past Saturday, the Musser Loft Holiday Housewarming soiree transpired despite the first real snowstorm of the season. The evening was a delightful entree into the world of home ownership filled with family, friends, tastes and spirits.
 Enlivening the role of host brings great responsibility and wonderful reward. I adored every moment of planning and preparation. One of my favorite adjectives when it comes to arranging an event is intentionality. Wherever your guests turn, wherever a look is cast, there should be an intentional element and not haphazard or thoughtless details. This attention to minutia occurs with varying degrees: it may be as simple as cobweb-less corners and vacuumed floors or as intricate as personalized drink tags and individual menu cards. Whatever your event may entail, design with great purpose and adequate forethought. Your thorough efforts will shine throughout the day/night and keep the attendees pining for your next party!
Enjoy these images from our own wonderful evening, complete with chilled fruit skewers to keep drinks cold and a plentiful hot cocoa bar to warm the weathered travelers.

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