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five for the flight

Today I depart, along with the rest of my family, for our first vacation together in precisely a decade. Sojourning south to the warmer climate is a delightful prospect in light of the prevailing mounds of Massachusetts snow. I have always relished the adventures of travel–bustling airports, endless people-watching, jitters of anticipated arrival, and the unabashed reunions at various baggage claim carousels. Regardless of where my movements take me, there are a few essentials I rely on for a contented excursion that will once again (temporarily) satisfy my wanderlust. Here is my list of “five for the flight”:

[Nordstrom Plaid Woven Cashmere Wrap]
[beats by dr. de urbeats se]

[Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm]

[elf makeup mist & set]
[Altoids peppermint smalls]
1. I remain convinced that airplanes are relentlessly frigid and therefore prepare with a large wrap to later serve as a blanket.
2. Perfectly compact earbuds that either permit sleep or satisfy my latest music craze.
3. Continued moisture for the sensitive skin of my lips to combat the recycled travel air.
4. At the conclusion of a day of traveling, I spritz this moisturizing mixture to rejuvenate and refresh my complexion.
5. Before any joyous reconciliation, I pop an Altoid small for a peppermint-y fresh impression.
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